Thread Face Lift – Spider Web Aesthetics

Thread Face Lift – Spider Web Aesthetics

Thread Face Lift, or V Lift, is a technique using flat or barbed surgical threads to achieve very natural-looking results. Thread facelift is known as spider aesthetics. It is also known as Contour Lift, Silhouette Lift, Russian thread, Aptos, Anti-ptos Thread Lift.

Non-surgical thread facelift can also be defined as the placement and suspension of awned or thicker threads on the sagging areas with the help of a cannula.

Effects of Thread Face Lift-Spider Web Aesthetics

You can see safer and faster results with spider web aesthetics, which is very effective for sagging cheek and chin appearance. In the spider web aesthetic procedure, surgical threads are used to restore the areas that have lost their elasticity over time. The fact that these threads are non-allergenic PDO surgical threads is effective in getting better results. Compared to open surgeries with intensive preparation period and long-lasting open surgeries, results are obtained at safer and more affordable prices. In the application, the skin is minimally penetrated under the skin and the results of this procedure are durable for about 2 years. After the procedures, the patient returns to daily work as soon as possible.

Spider web aesthetics is a thread facelift technique that eliminates the need for surgery and its popularity is rapidly increasing. The spider web technique, which should be performed by competent people, is highly preferred because it has an average application time of 30 minutes and a very short recovery period.

Who is Spider Web Aesthetics Suitable for?

  • For older people with loss of elasticity and very deep wrinkles, hanging with uni-cog needle surgical threads gives very good results.
  • It is suitable for people who want a natural, energetic and younger appearance and who do not have enough time due to their busy work schedule.
  • Thread Facelift technique This method is ideal for people who have very little fat tissue and a thin layer of skin on their face.
  • This method can be applied to people with sensitive, very loose and very thin textured skin.
  • It is a suitable method for people with sagging skin with very high loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles and lines.

How is Thread Facelift-Spider Web Aesthetics Performed?

It is performed with the tunnel technique by entering just below the skin near the upper surface and placing serrated polyproplene or intradermal threads. The threads are placed with a zigzag movement through very small entrances created with the help of fine-tipped needles in the skin. Face hanging is performed using local anesthesia to ensure that they hold tightly to the tissue. After these procedures, there is no need for the patient to lie down or recovery process.

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